Knob Card

Knob Card
The Knob Card Story

What is an unmiss-able spot to put a card for someone? And how would we design this card? The humble door knob thus became the playful inspiration for our range of Knob Cards. After all, it is pretty hard to avoid the door knob when we are getting out of our bedroom, our home or getting into our office.

In fact, when we started looking, every set of door started to tell a unique story that calls out for celebration. The door that opens a new life to a pair of newly weds. The door that keeps noises out for a sleepy new born. The door that promises an unforgettable night for a lover. The door to the new office after a promotion.

So now that you know how we came up with our Knob cards, don’t you want to hang one on just about every door for the special people in your life?
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